Marla McAlpine CCS™

Marla McAlpine CCS™

Marla McAlpine, MBA CCS is the Founder and CEO of Healthy Wallet. Trained as a Money Coach and Certified Cash Flow SpecialistT, she is the go-to-person for busy executives, professionals and business owners to get unstuck, slash their debt and become financially happy.

Marla earned her MBA and climbed the corporate ladder. However, as her income grew, so did her debt. Despite a six-figure corporate income, Marla’s student debt and credit cards ballooned to $95,000!

She stopped listening to conventional money wisdom and forged her own path. In four years, Marla eliminated her debt and grew her net worth by over $100,000. Since money touches everything in our lives, Marla founded Healthy Wallet to help others achieve financial health, wealth and peace of mind. She uses the CCST cash flow planning process as an integral part of her Healthy Wallet Money Plans, which are tailored to each client.

Marla is also a speaker and has been featured in the media.

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When we asked Marla why she wanted to be a CCS™ she said:

“”I am passionate about helping people improve their money because of my own experience. Even though I earned good money in the corporate world, I struggled to keep it. Through my personal journey to healing my money, as well as my training on guiding others, my biggest challenge was finding an easy-to-use money management process. without knowing where your cash is going, how can you know if you are on track to reach your goals?

I tried and discarded several conventional money management tools (i.e. budgets and spending plans) because they were hard to maintain. until I discovered the Certified Cash Flow Specialist’s cash flow planning process. It is by far the easiest and best money management system and it’s ideal for busy professionals. The system keeps you on track to your goals and provides you with instant feedback; something budgets and spending plans cannot do. I have been using this system for my own money for years and I credit cash flow planning for being one of the pillars of financial success.”

Marla’s ideal clients are:

Busy professionals, corporate executives and business owners who are 10 years or more from retirement and want to eliminate their debt, so they can fund their dreams today (not “some” day!), work less and spend more time with the people they love.

Marla is located in the Greater Toronto Area. She can work remotely with people across Canada.