Do CCS’s charge fees for Cash Flow Planning?

CCS™ professionals may or may not charge for Cash Flow Planning. Always ask about fees before attending any appointments. Certified Cash Flow Specialists™ follow a code of conduct and commit to ensuring their fees will never exceed the value they find for their clients.

There is no requirement to charge for Cash Flow Planning advice, and the CCS™ board does not set or regulate fees charged by Certified Cash Flow Specialists™.  Some CCS™ professionals will charge a fee for the Cash Flow Plan itself while others may include their Cash Flow Planning services with other provided services to enhance the value to clients who own products for which the CCS™ receives commissions or fees*. Understand Cash Flow Planning is a valuable service.  Please expect that Cash Flow Plans are NEVER free, they are either a value-added service to a client who owns or is purchasing financial products, or they are offered for a fee.

* CCS™ professionals who do not charge fees will often sell other financial products and may be compensated by commissions or fees related to those products. Please always ensure you understand how your CCS™ professional is compensated and that you are comfortable with any fees, charges or commissions related to the services you receive.