The Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ (CCS™) designation is the first program of its kind in Canada. Somehow the financial services world evolved without Cash Flow Planning ever being an official or standardized part of any financial planning process. Many wonderful professionals have strived to help their clients manage cash flow better, but until this program there has been no official standardized approach to Cash Flow Planning.

With the CCS, financial professionals now have all the tools they need to help their clients get more life from the money they already have. A written Cash Flow Plan enables your advisor to take into account your income, assets, proximity to retirement and debts in order to determine exactly how much you can spend on the things you can control while reaching your personal goals. Certified Cash Flow Specialists™ can recommend changes to help you avoid spending money on things that don’t matter to you and make recommendations to change the structure of any debts (including referrals to lending professionals) so that you never unnecessarily waste money on inefficient interest.


Who runs the CCS™?

The Money Finder Financial Services Training Inc. founded and manages the CCS™ along with it’s advisory board. The CCS™ is accredited by a third-party organization that reviews and accredits continuing education materials in the financial services industry. In order to qualify for this important accreditation, materials must meet certain objectives and provide knowledge in specific areas of financial planning or financial management.

The Money Finder is responsible for overseeing the CCS™ requirements and maintaining records of continuing education credits.